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About Dholka


Dholka is an ancient town located in the Ahmedabad district of Gujarat. It is the administrative headquarters of a taluka of the same name.  The town is located quite close to district headquarters Ahmedabad at a coordination of 22.72° North latitude and 72.47° East longitude. It is well connected with different parts of Gujarat with a network of good roads.

Geography of Dholka

Just as Ahmedabad, Dholka has a flat terrain. The average altitude of the town is 17m (56 ft) above the sea level. It has many water bodies scattered all over. River Sabarmati flows almost 40 Km to its east.

Dholka has a hot and semi arid climate. Yet, there are three distinct seasons - monsoon, summer and winter. The temperature remains very high from March to June. It generally varies from 27° Centigrade and 41° Centigrade during that period. The south west monsoon brings a little relief from the middle of the June; however, it also increases the humidity in the air.  Although the average rainfall is around 800 mm, very often the monsoon is short lived and does not extend as long as it should. The winter season generally sets in November and extends up to February. While the highest temperature during this period may reach up to 30 °C the minimum temperature may go below 15 °C. 

History of Dholka

Khan Mosque

According to hearsay, the kingdom of Birat, mentioned in Mahabharata, was actually located in Dholka. It is here that the five Pandava brothers spent the last one year of their forest life in disguise. Later in 144 AD, Kanaksen, a king of the acclaimed Sun dynasty settled here. Although there is no proof of that the antiquity of the city has been established by many ancient finds.

Early History of Dholka

Small tools, made out of chalcedony, quartz and agate excavated from Dholka, establishes the fact the area was inhabited even in the Middle Stone Age. However, the recorded history of the town begins in the 11th century. During that period, the area was ruled by the kings of Solanki Dynasty. It is believed that the famous Malav Lake, one of the landmarks of Dholka, was dug by the Minal Devi, the widow of Karan Dev I.  However, the town was never the capital of the Solankis. In all probability, it was just a vassal state under them.  It got prominence during the rule of Vaghela kings.

Dholka under Vaghelas

The supremacy of the Solankis began to decline from the beginning of the 13th century and with that the influence of the Vaghelas, who were once their vassals, began to rise.  The Vaghelas had their base in Dholka, which was then called Davalgadh after Vir Dhaval, the first king of the dynasty. They soon began to spread their kingdom and by 1243, the dynasty was firmly in control of most of Gujarat.

Dholka under Muslim Rule

Their authority over Gujarat was however short lived. It ended with the defeat of King Karnadeva Vaghela at the hands of Alauddin Khilji in 1299 AD. From then on area went under the reign of Delhi Sultanate and its importance was greatly diminished. At the same time, it is also believed that Dholka was the seat of the Viceroy during the Sultanate Era. Many edifices built in that period provide testimony to the fact.

Muslim rule over Dholka was never uninterrupted. In 1736, the town was taken over by Marathas only to be recovered by the Viceroy in 1741.  In 1757, it went to the Geakwads and remained in their hand till 1831. Finally, the town was annexed by the British and remained under their control until 15th August, 1947.

Administration in Dholka

Malav Lake

The administration in Dholka is controlled by the District Collector posted in Ahmedabad. He is the senior-most officer in the district. Although revenue matters are his main concern, looking after the general well being of the citizens is also his priority. In case of necessity, you may contact him at the following number:

Office Phone Number: 079-2755-1681
Fax: 079-2755-2144
Email Id:, 

There is also a District Development Officer posted in Ahmedabad. Following are the contact numbers of the DDO:
Office Phone No: 079-2550-6487
Fax: 079-2551-1359

However, the local administration of the area is run by a Mamlatdar posted at Dholka. His office is located on Kachheri Road in Bakatekri locality of the town. You may contact him at the following details:
Phone No: 99254 59999
Email Id:

Moreover, the Prant Officer in Dholka can be contacted at 2714-222-433 or at 99784-05202.

In addition to that, the town also houses the Taluka Court.

The civic administration of the town is looked after a municipal committee, locally known as Nagar Palika. It is located at Lilajpur area in Dholka.  In case of any necessity you may visit in person or call at 2714-222-075.

Police Station in Dholka

The Police Station in Dholka is located inside Mamlatdar Kachheri Compond located in Bakatekri region. It is headed by an officer of Police Sub Inspector rank. In case of any emergency you may contact the Police Station at 02714-222-333 or visit it in person.

There are few other important police officers stationed at Dholka. Following are their phone  and mobile numbers:
  • SDPO, Dholka: 2714-222-315, 98795-49171
  • Circle Police Inspector, Dholka: 2714-220-770, 99137-09888
  • Police Inspector, Dholka: 2714-222-333, 2714-222-265, 98795-98198
  • Police Sub Inspector, Dholka: 2714-222-333, 2714-222-265, 98241-18151

Business and Economy in Dholka

Industry in Dholka

Dholka has always been an economically prosperous city. It has been mentioned as a well established trading post by Muhammad-al-Idris in 12the century AD.  Even today the city has an equally thriving market and the economy of the town to a large extent is based on that. At the same time it is important to add that in recent years, industries play a more significant role in the economic development of the town.

If we look closely we will find the following features acting as a catalyst in the economic development of the city:
  • Gujarat Industrial Development Corporation has set up a big estate here and provided the required infrastructure for smooth running of industries.

  • The city also has a number of cotton ginning units located in and around it. They too play a major part in promoting the economy of the country.

  • Oil found in the Dholka taluka has also boosted the economy of the town; it has not only offered local employment, but has also has paved the way for establishment of other big and small industries in this area.

  • Proximity to Ahmedabad, which is the financial capital of Gujarat, is another reason for the prosperity of the town. Goods produced here are easily transported to Ahmedabad, from where it is easily exported to other parts of the country.

Banks in Dholka

Bank in Dholka

Since Dholka is an economically prosperous town, it is natural that the city will have number of banks opening branches here. Here are some of them:

Bank of Baroda
Station Road
IFSC Code / MICR Code / Branch Code: BARB0DHOLKA / 387012051 / DHOLKA
Phone No:  02714-221-869

Dena Bank
Dholka Bazaar
IFSC Code / MICR Code / Branch Code: BKDN0120389 / 380018061 / 120389
Phone No: 02714-221-775, 9725521173;
Bank of India
APMC Dholka Grain Market Yards
Kheda Bagodara Highway
IFSC Code / MICR Code / Branch Code: BKID0002055 / 380013068 / 002055

Dholka Block No; 399/B
Shop No: 79/12/1
Ground Floor, Arihant Complex
Near Kalikund Char Rasta
IFSC Code / MICR Code / Branch Code: HDFC0002442 / 380240046 / 002442
Phone No:  98982-71111

Market Yard
IFSC Code / MICR Code / Branch Code: HDFC0CPCBLD / 380118259 / CPCBLD
Phone No:  02714-222520 / 222591

Ambika Complex,
Shop No: 1 – 3
Near New APMC
IFSC Code / MICR Code / Branch Code: ICIC0001829 / 380229040 / 001829
Phone No: 09727-725718

Bank of Maharashtra
Vidya Prachar Mandal
Kali Kund Road
Near Kalikund Jain Derashar
IFSC Code / MICR Code / Branch Code: MAHB0001913 / 380014022 / 001913
Phone No:  99245-40792

Axis Bank
Ground Floor
Shop No: 1 to 4
Sai Elegance, Kalikund
IFSC Code / MICR Code / Branch Code: UTIB0002644 / 380211051 / 002644Phone No: 
Phone No: 90999-78252

Healthcare in Dholka

Dholka also has many health care units offering quality treatment at affordable rate. Following are three of them:
  • Shree Kalikund Paraswanath General Hospital on Sarkej Chanoda Char Rasta (Phone No: 2714-223-678 / 220-045
  • Santokba Bhagvati General Hospital on Kalikundu Road (Phone No: 2714-223-364 / 222-589)
  • CHC at Minaben Tower in Bekatekri, Meghiya

In addition to that, the town has many nursing homes, ayurvedic centers, diagnostic centers and chemists. In other words, the town offers all kinds of healthcare facilities required for leading a healthy life.

How to Reach Dholka

Gujarat State Highway 4, which runs from Ahmedabad to Vataman, crossing Sarkej, Dholka and Simaj on the way, runs right through this town. Other important roads to this town are Dholka - Ahmedabad Highway, Bagodara - Dholka Road, Bavla - Dholka Road etc.

Therefore, we see that there are many routes to take if you want to travel to Dholka from district headquarters Ahmedabad. If you take up GH SH 4 the distance is 39.7 km. However, if you take up Dholka Ahmedabad Highway, you need to travel slightly more (40.1) km. The distance is greatest if you travel by Bavla-Dholka Rd and NH 8A; in such a case one has journey 43.9 km.

Dholka at a Glance

District: Ahmedabad
State: Gujarat
Coordination: 22.72° North and 72.47° East
Elevation: 17 meters
STD Code: 02714
Pin Code: 382225
Bidhan Sabha Constituency: Dholka
Lok Sabha Constituency: Kheda

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